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The Message of Dr.MohammadZadeh As the beginning of Holy Defense Week and start of the academic year

From jihad to battlefields To scientific jihad

On the occasion of the beginning of holy defense week and start of the academic year of university, Dr.Hamid Mohammad Zadeh the president of science and technology university of Mazandaran issued a message as follows:
Years have passed since the apparent invasion of our beloved homeland , but the memories of those tumultuous day will never be forgotten .the bitterness that was sweetened like honey , when the spirit of empathy and Jihad traveled in the shadow of the Imam in the nation Islamic .
Over the years , Jihad has become a key word in the way of self-sufficiency and resistance against the bully of the world has reached the scientific realm .Start of holy defense week and the start of scientific centers is the reason for the destruction of the realms Jihad that have reached our hands from the depth of history . 
I take this symmetry the good fortune and commemorate the beginning of the holy defense week with memory of the commanders and 800 martyrs of Behshahr and I congratulate to the students and Jihadists of science by coming of anniversary of the opening of universities. 
Hope to see increasing progress in all fields such as science and knowledge arenas.
Hamid Mohammad Zadeh Head of University of Science and Technology in Mazandaran