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Minister of science, researches and Technology visited University of Science and Technology in Maza

Opening of several construction projects And attending the University Council meeting

Dr.Golami minister of science, research and technology on a two days trip to mazandaran province, Tuesday, 17 September 2019 was a guest of Mazandaran University of Science and Technology in Behshahr . The trip was to visit the university, inaugurate several development projects, and attend a university council meeting. 
Powerhouse central university, kitchen and complementary restaurants and finally, the irrigation system under university land pressure were three projects that opened by honorable minister and country managers, provincial and country.
In the following with the arrival of the minister of science and accompanying delegation to the technical colleges building, Shahid Kabuli gallery, was hosted by the minister of science and the provincial and country managers. 
At the meeting, in addition to the minister of science and members of the scince and technology university council ,mananger of the offices of the supreme leaders's institutions at the provincial universities , representative of the people of the eastern province in the council , vice chancellor of Mazandaran , governor and mayor of Behshahr . Some heads of provincial universities and some of the charities and craftsmen in the region were also present.
At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Hamid Mohammad Zadeh , head of University of Science and Technology in Mazandaran welcomed the guests and introduced the city's history and university capacities and presented its performance in three statistical , descriptive and developmental areas , based on characteristics growth since pay

independence and the end , he outlined the main strategic plans and goals of the university .
In the following Mr.Heidary , president of the office of the supreme leader at the university expressed some expectations of the honorable minister .Then , Dr.Shaeri , a representive of the noble people of Behshahr , Neka and Galugah described in the Islamic council by expression other important angles of the region's rich capacities .The university has identified the main problems along the way as a lack of funding and while promising the necessary pursuits to eliminate these deficiencies from the Islamic council , he remarked some points to the minister of Science . 
At the end of the meeting, it was Dr.Chulami's turn, the minister of Science, researches and Technology , he was grateful for hosting Behshahr city and praise from university performance since independence attend to attracting new university majors and interdisciplinary in the context of regional missions , attend to predictability and future research in formulating strategies and also formation of a comprehensive provincial network in partnership with Moein university and the formation of frameworks in all matters are essential and at the end he noted that despite financial problems in the country , the ministry of science will consider the necessary assistance , especially in the formulation of the new year  budget . 
Honorable minister's travel plans ended with a short stop at the Technology Development Center and the visit of knowledge-based companies in the center university.