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"Intimate Meeting of the Head of the University with the Faculty Members"

The new year meeting

An intimate meeting was held with the presence of Dr. Rabbani, the head of the University of Science and Technology of Mazandaran, and the faculty members. In this meeting, while congratulating the new year and the holy month of Ramadan, the head of the university invited all the esteemed faculty members of the university to make more efforts in order to fulfill the principles of the Supreme Leader regarding knowledge-based production and job creation. He said that the university has a good capacity to expand and strengthen relations with industry and asked companies located in the province and the region to present their technological needs in the field of production to the university for review and research. Dr. Shariati, the representative of the honorable people of Mazandaran in the east of the province, also attended the meeting. Welcoming him, the head of the university pointed out some of the problems and needs of the university and asked for the assistance of the esteemed representative in solving them. In the end, Dr. Shariati while expressing satisfaction with the presence of faculty members, considered the position of the University of Science and Technology of Mazandaran important in the region and asked for a more serious presence of the university in solving the problems and needs of the region.