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Vice-president, Student and Cultural Affairs

Vice-president, Student and Cultural Affairs

Educational and cultural deputy of Science and Technology University of Mazandaran is responsible for policy, planning and organization of students' welfare, livelihoods and psychological affairs and providing services to them, is responsible for the management of cultural activities at the level of professors, staff and students, and the necessary supervision and support. .Supervision over implementation of regulations and implementing rules of subsidiaries, policies for improving affairs and improving the situation, addressing students' issues and issues, and satisfying them, as well as determining general policies in matters of welfare, extracurricular, counseling, issuing graduation certificates Transferring Students and Cultural Affairs is one of the other duties of this Assistant. The existential philosophy and the main mission of the student and cultural deputy of the since and Technology University is to create a safe and secure place for 
students to participate and, through the understanding of expectations, try to provide students with the necessary education and cultural, welfare and more


Student Healthcare Center   University Healthcare Center as the authority in charge of establishing physical and mental health services for both students and staff, has taken major steps towards achieving its health objectives through the implementation of health management programs. In addition to dealing with health issues of the students and the staff, this center has been pursuing the major objectives of WHO, namely disease preventions, through performing annual check-up programs, vaccinations and holding educational workshops. Monitoring the hygienic status of dining halls, pools and food booths as well as the health status of the staff and students are among other responsibilities of this center. University Healthcare Center is ready to provide medical services and treatments for its clients. This center provides students, staff as well as faculty members and their families with the following services: examination and treatment, vaccination and injection, dressing, the ECG, blood pressure control, weight and diet services as well as health, genetics and marriage counseling. This unit has also created student unions focusing on different areas namely health, nutrition and hygienic, herbal therapy, art therapy, counter narcotics and first aids. It has also held various seminars to raise awareness among students of the above-mentioned issues and to familiarize them with topical global health issues, in particular the prevention of diseases like hepatitis and AIDS.  


 Student Advising and Counseling Center:  
University Counseling Center, with the aim of promoting mental health of the students and preventing the incidence and prevalence of traumas, provides them with services in the following different sections. 
Counseling Section
Providing counseling services in academic, career, marriage and family, emotional and psychological, legal, religious and genetic issues, offered by more than … counselors and psychologists in dormitories and faculties, are among the most important activities of the center. In addition to its professional counseling staff, the center benefits from psychiatrists in order to provide the students with the best possible services.   

Training Section                
This center, benefitting from experienced professors, holds scheduled educational workshops in every semester on the topics such as personal growth, life skills, academic skills, pre-marriage education, job skills and employment. 
Research Section 
Identifying students' psychological problems and preventing their spread are one of the objectives of the research section. Annual administration of the Mental Health Assessment Questionnaire, to be taken by the first-year students and performed in collaboration with the central Counseling Office of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, is done by this section to evaluate the psychological health state of new students and these students are required to cooperate in its implementation. 
Journals Section
Performing psychological and personality tests and vocational reassessment are activities of this department. 
The Office of Physical Education 
This office, following the Annual Sports Calendar of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and the Sports Calendar of the University performs notable activities with the aim of creating vitality and vigor among students and the development of public sports, educational programs, athletics and other extracurricular sports for the 
students and the staff as well as developing and maintaining physical activity facilities. 

ssesTraining Cla In order to promote the scientific and technical levels of students in related areas, both qualitatively, different coaching and -sports refereeing classes as well as educational workshops are held every year. refereeing in physical fitness, These classes include coaching and Pilates, handball, volleyball, basketball, swimming, badminton, soccer and futsal classes which are held on demand from students majoring in Physical Education and professionals from other majors and in r respective federations.cooperation with thei