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About Behshahr

About Behshahr

A brief introduction about Behshahr

The name of Behshahr before the Safavi period, was Tamisheh, Namayeh, Penjehzareh, and Asyabsar. Since Shah Abbas's mother has born in BehShahr, so by traveling to Behshahr regulary, made this city as a summer house and he has changed its name to Ashraf AlBalad , means the best and most honorable cities. He built palaces and mansions in Behshahr. Rocnol -Asfar, one of the member of the Naseri period, has cited in his travelogue another example for Ashraf. He believes that when Shah Abbas has built the city in a modern form, some of the courtiers said, "Haza Ashraf Meh Farah Abad" and the same word came to the heart of the Shah.

In general, the southern part of the Caspian Sea has been favored from the political, historical and military significance of the past.

Investigations and searches carried out on the coast of the Caspian Sea in places such as "Hutu caves" and the Kamarbandi (near Behshahr), has scrolled antiquity from the region to the cave period and dating around 10,000 BC.

Besides other researches have displayed that in the ancient era of the region, there was one of the most important areas of civilization before and after Iran's history.

Research from historical texts shows that in the middle of the third century AH, Islam has been infiltrated in the shape of the Alevis.

The city of Behshahr was originally known as one of the most important villages named Namayyah, Kobeh-e-Jameh, Temizheh, Qarat-e-Taqan five millennia, and Washarr.

During the Safavi period, prosperity of this area increased. The interest of the Safavi's kings in this area made the city the second capital of the Safavid.

After the construction of the city, Shah Abbas moved several thousand Georgians to Ashraf City.

When he came to Mazandaran, preferred Ashraf to other parts of it.

Perhaps the first group of British political representatives arrived at Ashraf El Balad in the presence of Shah Abbas.

Ashraf al-Balad was damaged and repeatedly damaged as a result of the civil wars of Turkmen, Afghans and the attacks of the Zionist armies.

Nader Shah spent some time in the city when he was deploying the Battle of the War. Mohammad Hassan Khan Qajar was very interested in it and he often stayed in this city, The inhabitants of this city were composed of different tribes, Among the Georgian immigrants that Shah Abbas had removed them from the Caucasus, Also, a group of Taleshi Langaran families, who came from the coast of the Caspian Sea, and a group of Persians who were one of the Iranian tribes.

Today Behshar is a beautiful and attractive city with many natural and historical places. Safi Abad Palace is located above the mountain overlooking Behshahr . This palace is one of the historical and magnificent buildings of the Safavid period, which was completely destroyed during the Qajar period due to neglect, but But in the Pahlavi era, by the order of Reza Shah, Rebuilt with the same architecture and features of the Safavid era. The beautiful city of Behshahr is one of the cities of Mazandaran province, which is limited to the north to the Gulf of Miyankaleh, east to the city of Kurdkoh , south to the slopes of Alborz and Damghan, and to the west to the cities of Sari and Neka .

Behshahr has always been a popular destination for tourists, charisma, nature and kings and locals due to its mild and temperate climate. Many palaces in this spectacular area of Mazandaran province are testimony to this claim.