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About University

About University

University of Science and Technology of Mazandaran (Formerly, a bureau of Iran University of Science and Technology) is one of the governmental universities under the supervision of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. It's located next to the Caspian Sea and in the city of Behshahr.

It has both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The first graduates were awarded their bachelor's degree in 1998 in the field of Computer engineering (Software), Industrial engineering (Industrial production), and Mathematic sciences (Operation research). Later, more engineering fields were added to this university both in bachelor and master levels , and now the university includes the following fields:

• Electrical engineering (power and electronic),

• Chemical engineering.

• Civil Engineering,

• Computer Science,

• Computer engineering (Software),

• Industrial engineering (Industrial production),

• and Mathematic sciences (Operation research and pure mathematic).

Now, about 3000 students are studying and more than 15,000 students were graduated from this university. The graduated students are now working in high-quality universities and industries in all over the world. Also they belong to the alumni association of the university. The university has three colleges: Faculty of Mathematics, Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Faculty of Chemical and Industrial Engineering.

''And today, with a steadier, stricter, past effort based on the strategic plan, the university's main mission is to expand science and technology, educate creative people, create a jolly atmosphere and enhance the quality of university education, and pursue the following objectives: And compiled. - Improving the quality of educational services - Promoting and institutionalizing research in the university - Correct and efficient management of university resources - Continuous increase in the level of satisfaction of students, professors and staff - Fostering creative and entrepreneurial students - Institutionalizing human-Islamic values at university level - Development and development of postgraduate courses in graduate and postgraduate degrees - Increase national and transnational interactions of the university''