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Dr. Hamid Mohammadzadeh, the Chancellor of the University of Science and Technology of Mazandaran, received his PhD in Mathematics from the Iran University of Science and Technology.


In Iran , University Chancellors are appointed for a period of four years following a recommendation issued by the Minister of Science, Research and Technology and upon an approval granted by the Higher Council of Cultural Revolution. They are regarded as key figures in university decision-makings which are performed in accordance with the corresponding rules and regulations.

The affiliated sections directly working under the office of chancellor include:

  • International and Scientific Relations Office
  • Legal office
  • Budget and Administration Office
  • Statistic Office

The main duties of USTM president include:

  • Elaborating the executive policy of the university within the framework of academic, educational, and research policies,
  • Monitoring the smooth performance of plans,
  • Monitoring the educational, research, cultural, administrative, finance, and developmental activities,
  • Monitoring current activities as well as local and international university communications,
  • Creating coordination between different units in order to solve possible problems and referring them to the related officials.